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Our studio(s).

Cabin Studio started in a cabin, but we quickly realised that the Internet speed wasn't sufficient enough for our growing company so we moved into a real studio. Today, our agency operates across two creative studios in South East Queensland and northern New South Wales, specialising in photography, copywriting, website design, graphic design and branding. We've built our brand building yours. We've collected your scribbled-on napkins, caught your paper planes and met your carrier pigeons. Cabin Studio is a creative interpreter, translating the ambition from your brain into the real world.

Our services.

Graphic Design

Cabin Studio is a team of designers dedicated to the craft of visual communication. Our graphic design team work holistically to build your brand through whatever means necessary, from logo design and business cards to letterheads and brochures. We believe that print is not dead and therefore, are committed to keeping the fresh smell of paper wafting through the air. See our designs for printed matter in our portfolio

Website Design

A website is your calling card, the first place your potential clients will visit. Cabin Studio has built unique, mobile-friendly websites for brands across various industries. We are website design experts, creatively portraying your company ethos and connecting you to your target market. Bring your business into the digital era with a unique, one-of-a-kind online experience. 

Photography / Videography

Your story can be captured through the storytelling lens of our passionate photographers and videographers. Intimately associated with the visual arts community, Cabin Studio connects your vision to the right camera. Whether you need architectural documentation or staff portraits, we will ensure the right photographer or videographer is on site.

Content Writing

At Cabin Studio, our senior copywriters are pen in hand, ready to tell your story through compelling and engaging content. We leverage our connections and land your brand in Australia’s best editorial publications. We create memorable messaging across all written outputs, from EDMs and press releases to website content and bespoke features.

Our Team

A diverse background of inquisitive minds.

Aaron Chapman

Founder / Photographer / Writer

Ryan Baldwin


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